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Heating In North Eastern Nova Scotia

When you contact C.A. Smith Mechanical Ltd. for heating repair or replacement, you can expect unparalleled service from our licensed technicians. In emergency situations, our 24-hour heating service in North Eastern Nova Scotia will restore heating to your household, apartments or business as fast as possible.

Types of Heating in North Eastern Nova Scotia

If a Hot Water Heating System is in need of repair, C.A. Smith Mechanical Ltd. has the experts to determine the best course of action to make prompt and efficient repairs. We also take into consideration that heating equipment requires energy usage expectations, here are a types that are most commonly found in North Eastern Nova Scotia.

  • Oil Boilers - Oil boilers maintain a set temperature and come in a variety of capacities know as BTU's. Larger BTU boilers are used in homes with a greater heat loss, such as older homes with doors and windows that have poor insulation values. The insulation in your home's or business's walls and ceilings can also have a huge impact on the size and cost to run any heating system. It is very important that a heat loss calculation be performed before sizing any boiler for installation.
  • High-Efficiency Boilers - Can decrease heating bills by about seven percent. This energy-efficient design only heats water when it is used. It needs less space but may require special venting, larger electrical service or the installation of propane gas lines. However, it may reduce water heating bills by as much as 30 percent.
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps - Are a water to water heat pump that obtains energy from the ground and uses it to pre- heat water, commonly known as Geo-Thermal. By using Geo-Thermal, it can reduce heating costs by nearly 60 percent.
  • Solar- These systems utilize energy from the sun to produce hot water for your home. By using controls and pumps to circulate water into your home, an insulated storage tank and a backup system is essential for cloudy days and high heating demand.

Our certified technicians provide guaranteed workmanship, quality installation, and competitive pricing.

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